Roof gardens & roof terraces

Are you looking for information about permits, construction or design of your roof garden or roof terrace? You have come to the right place. With over 500 successfully completed projects in Amsterdam we are the experts on roof gardens!

Dakterras Daktuin Groendak Dakdokters Amsterdam
Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam
Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam
Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Possibilities of the roof terrace

We want green to make a comeback in urban areas. That is why we make it our mission to put the maximum amount of green into every project. Turn your roof terrace into a real roof garden.

Below you can find the basic options for your roof terrace.

Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


We believe in using certified woods. Therefore we never use tropical hardwood for building our roof gardens and roof terraces. For the flooring we use ecological Modiwood, Bamboo Xtreme or Thermo Essen, all of which are at least as durable as tropical hardwood. Finally, all our joints are made of stainless steel.

Constructie Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Construction terrace

Often, roofs are not strong enough to support the terrace by itself. In this case we create a floating construction, using wedges on the load-bearing walls as to spread the weight evenly. This way we avoid concentrated loads. In order to ensure the terrace is level, we cut the wedges after which crossbeams of sustainable wood are placed on top of them. The decking is attached to the crossbeams. In case of large spans it may be necessary to use galvanized steel for the floating construction.

Hekwerk Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


Our fencing is made of 1500mm ecological Modiwood, within municipal norms. Depending on the situation, fences will be 1000mm or 1200mm in height with a double railing to provide extra strength. The balusters are mounted on the terrace with stainless steel feet. All joints are made of stainless steel.

Dakhuis Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Roof house

A roof house provides easy access to your roof garden or terrace. It also provides storage space for items such as cushions or a fridge. A rooftop house can be no larger than 6m2 and at least 60% has to be transparent. A rooftop house is not always possible. Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.

Dakluik Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Roof hatch

We advise to install a hatch of 1000mm*2000mm with a transparent dome. Our hatches are developed especially for roof terraces and make for a beautiful skylight. An electrical hatch is of course also a possibility.

Trap Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


The hatch or top house is usually provided with a floor staircase, specially designed by our staircase experts and build into your home. The last step will be extended to allow easy access to your terrace. The stairs come with a rounded railing and unprofiled wood steps. Additionally there is the possibility of building stairs with original details.

Permit needed?

‘De Dakdokters’ have years of experience in obtaining permits in Amsterdam. Our steady relationship with the city government guarantees a fast and careful procedure. In general, approval of the request can take up to 8 weeks followed by a 6-week objection period.

Design your own roof terrace

‘De Dakdokters’ have their own design studio named “De Dakarchitecten” (the rooftop architects). This studio can make every “roof dream” come true. Our architects design your terrace and obtain the necessary permits. The sky is the limit when it comes to your convenience: from a custom-build outdoor kitchen to a lounge sofa with a backrest of planters.

Ontwerp Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam
Ontwerp Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam
Ontwerp Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Decorating your roof terrace

Loungebank Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Lounge sofa

Unwinding on your roof terrace? We custom-build your lounge sofa of ecological Modiwood. There are several options: no backrest, a straight backrest, a sloping backrest, a backrest made of planters or a moveable side table.
Zitbank Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


This custom-made bench with optional built-in storage is equally suitable as a table chair at dinner or just as befitting as a stand-alone bench.

Plantenbak Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


We build our custom made planters of ecological Modiwood. The inside is finished with a synthetic material to protect the wood. The planters come with a drainage layer and professional potting soil.

Pergola Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


A pergola delivers beautiful shelter on your terrace. The pergola is custom made. The legs are attached to the fencing or planters to make sure it overgrows gradually. Attaching tension wire, reed- or willow mats to the pergola is optional.

Schaduwdoek Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Shade sail

A customized shade sail provides cool shade on a hot summer day. Different shapes and colours are available. The FSC hardwood legs are attached to fencing or planter. The sails are easy to mount using carabiners and pulleys.

Buitenkeuken Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to have your food at hand while enjoying your roof terrace. The outdoor kitchen is custom-build to your needs. It can be equipped with a fridge, sink and storage space.

Elektra Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Electronic points & LED lighting

An electric point on your roof may come in handy, for example to install LED lighting to enjoy your roof terrace at night.
Waterpunt Kraan Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Water connection

It can be beneficial to install a water connection on your roof terrace. You can connect an irrigation sprinkler system with timer. This will allow you to go on holiday without having to worry about your plants.

Buitendouche Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Outdoor shower

An outdoor shower can relieve you of the blistering heat of the summer. Our plumber customizes the shower to suit your needs, for example a shower fitted with a stainless steel showerhead.

Bartafel Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Bar table

A customized bar table is great for entertaining friends while enjoying views of the city.

Beplanting Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam


In cooperation with our plant expert we convert your terrace into a green oasis. Customized to meet your demands concerning appearance and maintenance.

Hangmatvoet Dakterras Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Hammock base

A hammock on a roof terrace is the best thing in the world. “De Dakdokters” have designed a hammock base which is attached to the cross bars underneath the flooring. It comes with removable FSC hardwood stands.