The feeling of nature on your roof!

In 2009 our mission began to transform the unused roofs into green outdoor spaces. We still work on this with a lot of enthusiasm – and now with a lot of experience. Our view on the future is a roof landscape that is green and water-retaining and offers a place to enjoy a skyline or cloud cover. Places where you can relax between flowers with the muffled sound of the city far away. The feeling of nature on your roof!

Sustainable and socially responsible

De Dakdokters is a Social Enterprise. We want sustainability to be the norm in everything we do. We therefore also implement this sustainability in our dealings with clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers:

● In every project we only use sustainable materials
● We consciously deal with our energy consumption. Our passenger cars are electric, which will apply to all our vehicles by the end of 2023.
● We work from an ecosystem with partners, suppliers and clients. We believe in long-term relationships and have been working with many partners since the start of our company.

Financially reliable

We also practice sustainable and social responsibility with regard to the profit we make as a company. In order to remain a healthy company, we want to make 5% profit on an annual basis. 50% of this remains in the company as a buffer to guarantee our continuity. 20% of the profit goes to the shareholders, 20% to the staff, and 10% to a good cause.