A roof park, that’s how we approach it

Companies are placing more and more demands on their business location. We see that the desire for greenery is increasingly a part of this. For you as the owner, realizing a roof garden is therefore a smart investment. The steps below explain how we proceed.

Step 1: Get in touch!

Contact one of our project consultants. We will contact you to discuss the question and indicate what we can do.

Step 2: Quotation

We make a quotation for the engineering phase and, if possible, an initial estimate of the costs. Where necessary, we involve our partner Metropolder company for water management.

Step 3: Engineering

We start the engineering phase in which we provide services in the field, including: technical advice, application for subsidies and permits, water balance, design (from schedule of requirements to final design), and realization (from roof covering to construction of a roof garden).

Step 4: Realization

After the engineering phase and realization decision, we start the necessary preparations so that our craftsmen can get to work! We have everything on house: roofers, carpenters and gardeners. As a result, we have short contact lines and can work efficiently. Want to know more about our team? Watch our video.