The possibilities of a green roof

Are you looking for an expert for the construction of a green roof or sedum roof? Then you have come to the right place. A city cannot do without nature. And we need that nature, now more than ever. The fact is that there are still thousands of square kilometers of roof space unused. Especially at a time when we are looking more critically at ourselves as a society, it is quite frustrating and illogical. In 2009 we embarked on an ambitious mission: helping all roofs in the Netherlands to get a roof garden. And we still work on that with just as much enthusiasm!

Is your roof suitable?

If you are interested in a green roof, a first indicative quotation will be made based on the available information. After having inspected your roof, a final quotation can be made. Should the roofing be in bad condition, our roofers can renovate it. If there is any doubt about the bearing capacity of the construction of the roof, we can have a construction calculation carried out. It will tell whether the roof is strong enough for a green roof. The quality of the green roof is our top priority. For this reason, we do not install green roofs with a weight lower than 100 kg/m2. Sometimes an exception can be made for a light-weight green roof of 60kg/m2.

The construction of a green roof

A green roof is made up of a root and water-resistant layer, such as EPDM, then a drainage layer, filter fleece, the substrate, and finally the planting that you choose.

Dakdokters Groendaken Daktuinen Dakparken Polderdak Amsterdam

Prices & types of green roofs

Biodivers Groendak Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Biodiverse green roof

Water storage capacity: 50 liter/m2

Weight: 120> kg/m2

Schaduwdak Groendak Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Shade roof

Water storage capacity: 110 liter/m2

Weight: 250> kg/m2

Landschapsdak Groendak Daktuin Dakdokters Amsterdam

Landscape roof

Water storage capacity: 90 liter/m2

Weight: 250> kg/m2

Why a green roof?