What requirements should your roof meet?

To realise a roof garden, a number of things have to be in order. It is important that there is a good base (roofing and construction), so that we are not faced with unexpected surprises after construction.

In order to be able to deliver the quality and service that we as Dakdokters have in mind, your roof must meet a number of conditions:

  • The load-bearing capacity of the roof construction is sufficient: for an impassable green roof this is at least 90 kg / m2, for an accessible roof garden 250 kg / m2. If you do not know what the load-bearing capacity of your roof is, we can carry out a constructive test. We may also be able to reinforce your roof to achieve the desired load-bearing capacity.
  • The most commonly used types of roof covering last about 20 years. That is why we usually advise on roofs older than 10 years to first provide them with a new top layer. Once you have a beautiful roof garden, you do not want it to be removed after a few years due to a leak or renovation. We can renew your roof covering with our own roofers. We then immediately apply a root-resistant variant, so that there is a good basis for your green roof.
  • Your roof is flat, but always has a minimum slope of 1 cm per meter to drain water and prevent puddles from forming. If a lot of puddles remain on your roof, this may mean that we first have to do something about the slope.

Many customers are enthusiastic about our mission and we want to continue to deliver quality. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every request. That is why we consider with each application to what extent it suits our mission, starting with a green / overgrown roof of at least 40 m2 and a roof garden of at least 25 m2.

We serve the Randstad from Amsterdam.

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