Investing in the future with a roof garden or Polder roof, an investment that pays off

Green roofs and roof gardens are becoming the norm. The city needs them to be prepared for the future. A vegetated roof for your commercial real estate or new construction project is a smart investment, for now and in the future. Municipalities are emphasizing this by setting requirements for water storage and investing in greenery. In addition, you increase the quality of life for your building’s users and help restore the health of the city. It is precisely this strong mission that makes us the ideal construction partner for you. Let yourself be inspired by our innovative roof gardens for climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive construction!

An additional advantage for you as a real estate owner or developer: your real estate becomes more attractive to (future) users and you actively contribute to the improvement of the living environment in the city. Roof gardens have a cooling effect on hot days (more productivity) and extend the life of the underlying roof covering (effect on long term reserveations).

New construction: The moment you call us in

We like to be involved in a project at an early stage, so that function and technology are properly coordinated. For example, the requirements set by a municipality with regard to water storage and (green) lot rules require an accurate and specialist approach. We will help you translate your vision into a technical plan that meets the requirements.

Our role within the construction team

In recent years, we have increasingly collaborated as a partner in construction teams. Here we determine the project frameworks (including budgets and solutions) and work together towards a feasible design. But we are also available as an advisor to contribute to the development of sustainable plans.

Renovation of existing buildings

For projects in existing buildings, we work directly with the architect and you as the owner. Preferably we join you from the start. Roof gardens on existing buildings require proper integration, paying specific attention to both the structural and the roof systems. The sooner we think about the impact on the building, the better the solution. This way you avoid additional costs afterwards or major adjustments during the design process.