Finally: a roof garden for the entire neighborhood!

A cup of coffee with the neighbor, a spontaneous neighborhood drink, or just enjoy the fresh air without having to go into town? More and more VVEs are discovering the added value of a shared roof garden or a view of greenery on a bare piece of roof. Good for the city and good for the neighborhood! Before we start a process with you, it is important that you first agree on the available budget and the type of roof solution. We can of course help with an indication of the costs.

Call in an intermediary to work it out together

An intermediary is a useful means of making efficient and well-considered decisions to find a solution together as a VVE. Our roof partner Rooftop Revolution is an independent foundation that can act as an advisor and expert for you. As soon as the plans are clear, we will immediately start working for you! Read more about Rooftop Revolution