Step by step to your green roof solution

It’s great that you want to make cities healthier with us! Before we get started with your roof, we would like to get to know it better and learn more about the wishes you may already have. Then we can make an initial cost indication and you have an idea of ​​the investment you are making.

To work!

In the roof plan and realisation phases that follow, we really get to work for you. From the permit application to the actual implementation: we take you through this process step by step. We think this is important, because your green roof solution should not only contribute to a healthier city. Above all, it should also become a place where you feel good.

Step 1: Application

The first step in the process is filling out the application form on our website. We will contact you to clarify your wishes and help you on your way through our process.

Step 2: Roof plan

Because every roof is different, we make a roof plan, which can be a simple recording on the roof, but also an intensive design process with structural research, advice and permit application, which depends entirely on your request. You will receive a final offer at the end of this phase.

Step 3: Realization

Based on the roof plan, we start with the necessary preparations, so that our craftsmen can get to work. We have everything under one roof: roofers, carpenters and gardeners. As a result, we have short lines and can work efficiently. Want to know more about our team? Watch our video.

Step 4: Maintenance

A roof garden also requires maintenance. If you have green fingers, then that will be perfectly fine, if not, our maintenance team can handle this.

Questions you may still have

We want to make as many cities as possible in the Netherlands healthier. Greening your roof brings us a step closer to achieving that mission. We understand that you want to know what to expect when choosing one of our green roof solutions. Read our frequently asked questions or view the checklist here.