To transform the lower situated rooftop of 100m2 into a 70m2 picking garden for vegetables, fruit and herbs. This will be the first Polder Roof that will be combined this intensely with a kitchen garden

A beautiful roof garden on the back rooftop of the Court Garden Hotel. By keeping the paths as small as possible they only use 30% of the surface. This made it possible to make the picking garden as large as possible. This garden is already bearing it’s fruit.

Because of the Polder Roof system underneath all the rainwater is collected and irrigates the garden with rainwater.

Products: Polder roof®, kitchen garden, corten steel planters, fruit trees, wood chip path, Thermowood floor parts, Thermowood closet and engraved retaining walls of corten steel.
Year: 2018
Client: Court Garden Hotel
Location: Den Haag

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