Challenge: Transforming the gravel rooftop above hotel Casa into a rooftop bar with heaps of green.

Result: A beautiful rooftop park where visitors can enjoy the view of Amsterdam whilst eating veggies harvested on this very rooftop. GAPP is a rooftop terrace with lots of plants and a great amount of space to entertain guests and host parties. The vegetable gardens consist of Rooffood crates with herbs and vegetables which are being used in the restaurant. The rooftop terrace is built using a floating construction, making it possible to play with differences in height and create integrated lounge areas, fully surrounded by plants. At GAPP you really get the chance to escape the bustle of the city.

Products: Bamboo Xtreme, Rooffood, cortenstaal, powder coated steel, glass railing, reused wood from an old construction site (furniture)
Year: spring 2016
Client: Casa 400
Location: Amsterdam

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