The Innovation Lab on the roof of the Benno Premsela building of the HvA is a good example of a blue-green roof garden with a ‘smart’ water storage system (a polder roof). Sensors measure the water level, valves regulate how much water is retained on the roof. If heavy showers are expected, the system gives a signal so that the valves discharge the retained rainwater – before a shower falls. This relieves the sewer. With expected drought and high temperatures, the water on the roof is retained to feed the greenery on the roof and cool the environment.

The innovation lab of the HvA is used to conduct research into evaporation on different types of roofs. The effect on the performance of solar panels is also being investigated.

The Innovation Lab is part of ‘RESILIO’. The smart roof project ‘RESILIO’ is a collaboration between the municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet, Polderdak, Rooftop Revolution, HvA, VU, Stadgenoot, Alliantie, De Key and Consolidated.

Year: 2019
Client: Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam

Photography: Rooftop Revolution

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