Roof Renovations

Can your roof use a renovation? Our roofers make sure your roof is fully waterproof by making use of natural materials. But before we can realize your roof garden, we as Dakdokters need to make sure your roof is entirely water tight. For this, we have a full in-house team of Roof doctors ready to do the complete project from beginning to end. This way, we can offer full warranties on all our products.

Why choose De Dakdokters for your roof renovation?

Roof isolation: a profitable investment

One of the main opportunities in renovating a roof is improving the isolation value. A flat roof that isn’t, or that is badly isolated, experiences much heat loss that will lead to higher heating- and cooling expenses. We often see that especially older roofs aren’t isolated sufficiently. It isn’t always necessary to replace the existing isolation; generally we can supplement the material in order to produce the desired result. When combining isolation materials, it is possible to apply for subsidies. Either way we will charge you only 6% VAT for our labor costs. This makes investing in roof isolation even more attractive!

Zinc roofs: good-looking and sustainable

Next to materials such as EPDM and bitumen, zinc is also an attractive roofing material for pitched roofs. We often use zinc for tops of roof houses on roof terraces. Zinc is sustainable, versatile and fully recyclable. Furthermore, the bendable quality of the material allows for circular forms that are often Impracticable when using other materials. Zinc is therefore often used with round and curved applications.

Service and maintenance

Every roof needs maintenance; whether it is an old or a brand new roof. Maintenance will extend the life time excessively. How often your roof needs attention will depend on its condition. The frequency will be determined by means of a roof inspection.

When you choose to enter into a service agreement, we inspect and clean your roofs. We also take care of small repairs of which you will receive a maintenance report. When this report indicates defects, we will draw up a quote for any repairs or replacements necessary.

What does a service agreement entail?

Periodic visual roof inspection
Thorough cleaning
Small repairs
> Report of (serious) defects
> Status reports on all parts of the roof construction
Recommendations on necessary measures

Customers who have a service agreement can call us whenever they are experiencing roof leaks for a quick fix.