Project Description

Rooftop terrace Den Haag

Products: Resitrix roofing, sinc deck frames, Thermowood pine floor parts, Jet-Bik skylight, lounge sofa, planters, shade cloth, sedum roof
Year: 2018
Client: Private
Location: Den Haag

The upper roof must be renovated with new roofing and the gravel needs to be sucked away. There will be a floating roof terrace construction with an access hatch and new stairs. The client wants planters, a lounge sofa, green roof and shade cloth on the roof terrace.

After renovating the roof we’ve created a 46m2 roof terrace with a beautiful view over the city. With lots of planters and the surrounding green roof it’s a nice green place. Because of the atmospheric lighting and the shade cloth it’s become a great area to hang out at any occasion.