Project Description

Roof terrace Beulingstraat

Products: Modiwood, lighting, classic steel trellis, watering system
Year: summer 2016
Client: private individual
Location: Amsterdam

Challenge: Design and realize the interior of an existing rooftop terrace at a beautiful location in the city center of Amsterdam. The terrace had unusual sizes and details that were a challenge to work with.

Result: We brought some life into this terrace with green and lots of recreational space. The clients wanted a lot of green, multiple seats and optimal use of space. To create this we designed planters around the terrace with a high trellis were roses climb up. In the design we made smart changes to hide the unusual corners and details in the rooftop terrace and created many seats. With much space for plants and green this terrace has been transformed into an oasis of green and quiet in the middle of the city.