• Dakdokters Breevast Dakpark Groendak Daktuin Dakterras Amsterdam
  • Dakdokters Breevast Dakpark Groendak Daktuin Dakterras Amsterdam
Roofpark Vivaldistraat 2018-02-09T14:36:05+00:00

Project Description

Roofpark Vivaldistraat

Products: Polderdak®, perennials, cortensteel, concrete, Bamboo Extreme, Douglas beam furniture
Year: spring 2017
Client: Breevast
Location: Amsterdam

Challenge: Transforming the gravel rooftop of the headquarters of Breevast into a roofpark for all the employees of the building to enjoy.

Result: A roofpark of 2150 m2 with 1600 m2 of green. The plants are carefully chosen in different heights. Because the roof load varies from 100 to 250 kg/m2 we’ve adjusted the plants to this. As a basis the rooftop has a Polderdak®, this way the rain that falls on the roof will be retained and used to water the plants. It’s a great place for everyone in the building to enjoy their lunch or have a meeting in the sun!

Design: De Dakdokters in association with Karres en Brands.
Roofing: Kroom Dakdiensten Amsterdam
Construction: Bakker Staal Workum